Jonathan Peake

Entertainment Public Relations

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Jonathan can provide his entertainment clients with the following professional services:

  1. Detailed and analytical market research on their specialist area

  2. Creative PR solutions on active productions and promotional events

  3. UK and International media engagement (consumer, trade and business outlets)

  4. Corporate guidance around markets, festivals and events (positioning and presentation)

  5. Festival & Event PR logistics (press launches, press office & media management)

  6. Press Junkets and Publicity Tours (talent handling & media management)

  7. Production Publicity (media liaison, electronic press kit)

  8. International Media Relations (press releases, press interviews and story placement)

  9. Collateral (production notes, brochures, posters, photography)

  10. Marketing Advice (posters, trailers, AV facilities, sales agents)

  11. PR Agency management (multi-agency cooperation)

  12. Film PR lecturing (students and producers)

Projects can be scoped individually or tailored to suite client activity on a project-by-project basis or a retainer basis.


“We have always found Jonathan to be deeply knowledgeable not only about publicity matters but the wider media world, too. He is highly experienced and enthusiastic, shows sound judgement and possesses an easy-going temperament that makes people pleased to work with him. Certainly we’d be happy to work with him again.”

Mark Batey, Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association (UK)

Cannes 2009 Photo-Call / ADR Prod / Summit Entertainment

Berlin 2010 Red Carpet / SPRI /

‘Global Smurfs Day’ 2011, Brussels / SPRI

TINTIN Photo-Call 2011, Brussels Midi / SPRI

Cannes 2011 Red Carpet / Mediapro